Wherever you go,
for the rest of your life

June 20, 2011

September 2008. I'm at a small business luncheon when guy named Jim randomly starts talking about a State Championship soccer game that had been played the year before.

"No way that goal should've counted!" he bellowed. To my left, my buddy Dan snickered. "I bet the guy sitting across from you might have a different opinion," he said... "Since it was his daughter that scored the goal!"

"Jim was gracious and laughed... You're Jamie Fratto's dad?"

It was June 16, 2007 and it completed the Three-Peat as Novi defeated Rochester 2-1 to capture their third straight State title. Jamie's goal with one second left held up even though it was hotly contested as to whether or not it got into the net before the horn sounded ending the 1st half.

Since then the Novi girls, under coach Brian O'Leary have won two more State Championships!

Last week, just prior to the semi-final game this year, I was having lunch with Jamie near the Hard Rock here in Las Vegas and she, like I, continue to follow the team every season.

"That would be awesome if they won again," Jamie stated. I told her that by going on to the Michigan State High School Athletic Association website, anyone could get all the scores almost immediately. Just then I logged on to http://www.mhsaa.com/Sports/GirlsSoccer.aspx and much to my surprise, the MSHAA has posted a photo of the very game Jim was talking about back in 2007, and a picture of my daughter Jamie doing a header in her #6 Novi green and white uniform.

So during Saturday's Final, I did the best I could to follow the game while visiting my parents in So.Cal during fathers day weekend. And I was particularly grateful when Willy Mena took the time to call and let me know that Novi had defeated Troy 1-0.

"Awesome," I said. "They did it again!"

And with the passage of time, the memories of this year's championship team, as well as the previous groups that brought the crown back to Novi, will serve to remind that wherever you go for the rest of your life, you're a State Champion.

As a group, a school, and a community, you competed against the best, and defeated the best; now for the 5th time in seven years!

I may not live in Novi anymore, but I sure am proud to say I used to. And I never miss an opportunity to tell people...Wherever I go.

Congratulations Novi Girls Soccer 2011--- Champions... Again!

For the rest of your life...

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