Here’s the story… of a man named Brady!

When Minnesota Twins skipper Tom Kelly was appointed manager of the squad in the mid-80’s, it was revealed he wasn’t the team’s first choice.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Kelly quipped, “I wasn’t my wife’s first choice either!”

And when Kelly led his charges to World Series Championships in 1987 and 1991, no one remembered.

So the Michigan saga continues. To those that know Brady Hoke, a wry smile is starting to emerge. Michigan football will be back, the way the diehard fanatics want it to be.

Book it.

Of course the great unwashed are in a lather, disappointed and slighted that Michigan’s once revered program couldn’t find a bigger, sexier name.

What’s in a name?

The last Brady seemed to do OK at Michigan, and when he arrived on campus, there was little or no fanfare.

The bottom line is winning football games; no other standard of measure is valid.

If Brady Hoke wins football games, and returns the Maize and Blue into a respected program in the Big Ten, the roar will have been restored.

I believe that will happen. Here’s why.

When RichRod entered the fray in January 2008, he had a strong-armed QB named Ryan Mallett that was the polar-opposite of the system he would implement. So were many offensive linemen.

Instead of filtering in a hybrid of his system and try to make the best of it with the athletes he had, Rodriguez completely ignored Michigan tradition and completed abandoned the old system. The culture shock, as well as the systemic change was so drastic and dramatic, the program simply never recovered.

Now, ironically, Brady Hoke inherits a similar situation. In QB Denard Robinson, Hoke has to contend with an athlete that could still be valuable to his system, even though it’s different than his predecessors. Or, he could start from scratch like RichRod did.

I guarantee that Hoke will find a way to make it work with the talent he has, and begin to recruit the type of personnel that will plug the gaps necessary to future success.

For fun, circle Sept 27, 2010 on your calendar. Michigan hosts San Diego State that day.

You’ll see two well-prepared football teams, thanks to Brady Hoke.

He might not have been Michigan’s first choice, but he’s their best choice.

Hail to the Victors…again.

(c) 2010