For Michael Vick, it’s more
than just puppy love

Last year at this time I speculated on what might be the biggest sports story of 2010. Possibly Tiger Woods? We knew he wouldn’t miss the Masters regardless of his vacuous mea culpa and the outcry that he would in fact, ‘become a better person.’

But unless Tiger wins golf tournaments, specifically ‘Majors,’ there is NO story. What could’ve been and might’ve been…wasn’t.

Last year at this time we wondered out loud what LeBron James would do. Would he stay in Cleveland? Head to New York? Nope, he ‘took his talents to South Beach.’

This was a HUGE story…in Cleveland. After the drive, the fumble, the ’97 World Series, Art Modell’s midnight exodus and a drought that goes back to when Kennedy was President, who can blame the great fans in Cleveland for their anger and resentment?

But outside the city limits of this proud area, the rest of the nation was slightly amused, but beyond that, this story has a bark, but no bite.

Sorry for that one…

Why? Because the story of the year is undoubtedly Michael Vick! 17 months ago, this young man was in Leavenworth Federal Prison. In August, he was barely getting any reps in Philadelphia. Andy Reid had clearly named Kevin Kolb as the starter. It looked like the 2010 season would be a time when Vick would merely use the time to figure his best options for the future.

And then, fate intervened.

Michael Vick has not only become a human highlight film, he wills his team to victory…almost every week. His teammates play hard for him, and for us innocent bystanders that don’t have a dog in the fight…. We marvel at the living proof he displays when he shows us that this is America. You can get anywhere from anywhere.

Now, it’s possible he may circle back to Atlanta for a playoff game. That’s the place this whole thing started!

That’s a story!

He may lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. That’s a story!

But, regardless of where the end game lies, the Vick phenomenon in 2010 has crossed several spheres from law enforcement to professional sports to entertainment/news to families with children that love dogs.

Redemption is good for the soul.

I am happy for Vick and I root for him.

Let the story continue, and let it have a happy ending.

(c) 2010