That’s why they call it ‘the streak”

Ah, the circle of life. Travel back with me to 1974. Title IX was born. Streaking in public places had become chic because it gave brave souls willing to run naked in public places their 15-minutes of fame. Singer Ray Stevens had a hit single entitled “The Streak,” and it honored their bravery. And on January 19th of that year, UCLA’s 88-game winning streak came to an end at the hands of Notre Dame.

Meanwhile, during this week of 2010, these events converge in a way that is whimsical.

When Coach Geno Auriemma’s Lady UConn Huskies basketball squad won their 89th straight game Tuesday night defeating Florida State, it caused quite a stir. Technically it surpassed the UCLA record of 88 straight, even though it’s really an apples an oranges comparison

Be that as it may, I see no reason to besmirch their accomplishment. Why? Well, since 1974 when Title IX created gender equity for women’s athletics, Division I programs have flourished in basketball and even though hundreds of schools have had endless opportunities to accomplish a streak of this nature in the last 4-decades, no one has come close.

Until UConn…

That’s pretty special, give them their due. Someday the streak will end, and it will be big news. Nothing lasts forever.

Just ask Brett Favre.

Even Favre’s 297 consecutive starts came to an end this season. It was another unbelievable streak. Shortly thereafter, Tavaris Jackson’s 1-game streak came to an end as well. This streak stuff ain’t so easy.

Now, the Detroit Lions managed to break (2) streaks this year. First, they beat the Green Bay Packers to end their winless streak of 19 straight against Divisional opponents. Then, they traveled to Tampa Bay, upsetting the Bucs 23-20, to vacate their 26-in-a-row winless streak on the road.

The Lions earlier, had set a new record for road futility when they lost their 25th road game in a row at Buffalo, breaking the previous record of 24 straight… held by the Detroit Lions.

Meanwhile, Ray Stevens’ hit, “The Streak,” made it all the way to #1 in April 1974, and started a streak of its own…which also, officially ended.

Ah, the circle of life…

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