A Double Cliff-Hanger

Just another Monday night in the world of sports… Yeah right, and the Grand Canyon is merely a hole in the ground.

First it was the indefatigable Brett Favre (you can look that word up later). At approximately 6:02pm EST, it was announced that Favre would be inactive for the Monday night “Home game” in Detroit against the NY Giants.

Scoff all you want. Sure, use Favre as a punch line. But 297 straight starts as a QB in the NFL? Are you kidding me? I know you never say never, but that record ain’t never getting broken.

Let’s give it some perspective. When the streak started in September 1992, the first George Bush was president, Jenn Sterger was 8 years old, LA had a football team and the #1 Box office movie at the time was “Last of the Mohicans.”

How ironic…

More perspective? Let’s say Andrew Luck is drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and he starts every single game for the next 15 years? He’d only be 57 games short to TIE Brett Favre’s record.

The streak could’ve ended many times. He had a lacerated thumb about 3-years ago, but started against Detroit…and won. He could barely grip a football. Didn’t matter. Say what you will about Favre, but know this.

He wanted to play. And, he wanted to win. Perhaps more than anybody. This guy never mailed it in and deep down, you know you admire that quality in Favre, even if in the last four years, he kept you cliff-hanging when trying to figure out if he would return or retire.

Speaking of Cliff… Hats off to Cliff Lee. It’s been an interesting odyssey in the life of Cliff Lee in the last 3 years as well. After a rough 2007, he rebounded in 2008 and won the Cy Young award.

But, the only home he’s had the last few years has been on American Airlines.

In July 2009, he was traded from Cleveland to Philadelphia, but just 5 months later, 9 days before Christmas he was dealt to the Seattle Mariners. By July 2010, he was on his way to Texas where he certainly helped the Rangers to the World Series, but I bet you already forgot he sported a record of 4-6 during the regular season and was 0-2 in the Fall Classic against the SF Giants.

Nonetheless, the Rangers and Yankees squared off in archetypal fashion. Even the Angels threw their hat in the ring for a second. Who would prevail? No one not named Greg Maddux ever turned down the pinstripe dollar.

Word is, the Yankees topped out at $160 million. Meanwhile, Nolan Ryan diligently worked overtime and it started to look like he might prevail.

Then, stuff happened. Cliff Lee signed with the Philadelphia Phillies and now that we look back in retrospect, how did we miss this?

Lee loved Philadelphia during his tenure with the club, and they loved him. It was regarded as a mistake when they traded him, but the pain was eased when the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay in free agency, and Roy Oswalt before the trade deadline.

But Christmas came early after all for the City of Brotherly love, and it just feels like a good fit all the way around.

Meanwhile Monday night, the Vikings lost and the Ravens won…

Just a typical night in the world of sports.

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