What's a Jayson-Haynes Werth-Worth?

-Kudos to Stan Kasten of the Washington Nationals for having the guts to sign Jayson Werth. Sure, he overpaid by about $45 million, but he is dead-set on building a winner in the Nation's capital. Who knows if it will work? But with Strasburg and Bryce Harper on the horizon, he felt he needed to do something to appease the fan outrcy upon the departure of Adam Dunn. Make no mistake, Werth in a bigger ballpark than he's used to will not produce the annual 40 HR seasons that his predecessor did. Remember, Kasten was a chief architect in the Atlanta Braves 17-year postseason run, and if nothing else, it shows he's willing to use his revenue-sharing money, instead of lining his own pockets.

-By the way a wink and a nod to Werth's agent Scott Boras. I think this deal out does the A-Rod deal.

-Kudos to the Washington Redskins for showing Albert Haynesworth the door. A few weeks ago I asked if there was a bigger load-in-the-shorts than Randy Moss. Check Please! We have a winner. At least Moss shows up to work... sort of.

-Wow. When Mike Lupica referred to the Jets offense as "having the same trouble as Tiger Woods pulling out of his driveway," it really shed some light on just how badly a punchline that Eldrick may have become. This was on the heels of Woods' collapse over the weekend at the Chevron World Challenge. After almost blowing a 3-stroke lead on Day 3, which he never does, he blew a 4-stroke lead on Day 4, which he never does. That forced a playoff with Graeme McDowell, which he never used to lose. Whoops! Not so fast. McDowell closed the deal after just one playoff hole, leaving Woods with a fat Bagel for tournament wins in 2010. Forget Majors! I'm talking not one single tournament win in 2010. No word yet on how the postgame Mac-n-cheese meal with son Charlie turned out.

-Well, the BCS got it right, I guess... How hard could it be? Both Auburn and Oregon were undefeated. So, in a year that could've erupted in controversy, a playoff now seems further away that a Woods-Nordegren reconciliation.

-Peyton Manning throwing 11 interceptions in 3-games? For the record both Brett Favre and Jim Kelly both did the same thing in their careers. But, let's keep it real. Nobody does it alone, in the NFL or in life.... Hey, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Manning has lost his go-to guys....like Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai and now Dallas Clark. But I wouldn't for one second go to sleep on this Hall-of-Famer.

-Since starting 6-0, Josh McDaniels Broncos went 5-17, but it was the intangibles that got him booted. Sharp X and O guy, not sure about his talent evaluation, but his temperament....Not ready for Prime Time. I still remember when he paraded on the field pumping his fist and carrying on after his team defeated New England. I remember saying to myself, "This guy is not long for this job." Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

-Rest in peace "Dandy" Don Meredith. To those that remember him in the booth for Monday Night Football, it wasn't just a broadcast, it was a weekly epic event.

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