Post Thanksgiving Musings

-Attn Boise Haters: Are you happy now? What a whirlwind of emotion for this group on Friday. At lunch, Auburn trails Alabama 24-0, could this be the opening they need? NOT... At dinner Oregon trails Arizona at halftime, could this be the opening they need? NOT... Then a 24-7 lead at Nevada with the 3rd qtr winding down, and then... the homecoming queen turned into the Bride of Frankenstein.

-You've got to feel bad for that kicker. Except of course for the Boise Haters, because now all of their vacuous arguments are validated... I'll still be watching the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, and I think Boise will take it out on whoever they play.

-What is going on in Tennessee? This is so-unlike a Jeff Fisher-Coached team. First the Vince Young fiasco, now the Cortland Finnegan debacle. The only good news for the Titans in the last month is that so far, Randy Moss hasn't complained about the food yet!

-The Miami Heat and their tropical trio are now 9-8. Ok, I know you've already heard they lack a low post presence, and they don't have a legit point guard. Now, they hate their coach, and he hates them too!... But, I predict there's no way Pat Riley comes back on the bench for a 2006 reprisal when Stan Van Gundy was there, he knows this team can't win so why put himself through the anguish.

-Kudos to Detroit Lion nation for selling out in all but one of their home games this year...Detroit is the best sports town in America.

-Give Cam Newton the Heisman Trophy right now. But, don't go to sleep on South Carolina. Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks led Auburn by 2 touchdowns when they played earlier in the year, but something went awry. This SEC Championship game is no gimme for War Eagle.

-Meanwhile, if Oregon somehow loses to Oregon State, I'll be disappointed. I've officially budgeted for an Oregon-Auburn BCS Championship game, I think it would be a great game, even though Oregon's strength-of-schedule ranks 71st according to the BCS Computer. (By the way, Boise State's SOS ranked 44th)

-The Derek Jeter/NY Yankee contract saga is getting messy. Here's why. Jeter wants a deal like A-Rod's... Maybe not money-wise, but Alex Rodriguez' contract doesn't run out until he's 42. At 37, Jeter is miffed the Yankees won't give him a 5-year deal to take him to age 42 as well. Privately, the Yankees believe the A-Rod contract was a mistake, and they don't want to make up for it by making another their view.

-Meanwhile, Cliff Lee will end up a Yankee, and he'll get at least $150 million.

-How was your day?

(c) 2010