Thanksgiving Musings

Greetings from Las Vegas and Happy Thanksgiving…

-To those that witnessed the Pacquiao-Margarito fight, we saw the Real ‘Manny being Manny.’ Pacquiao is this generation’s Sugar Ray Robinson/Marvin Hagler/Joe Frazier wrapped into one. Featuring an incredible array of precision combinations, with skill and deadly effectiveness, does anybody really think Floyd Mayweather could beat this guy? Judging his actions, I don’t think Floyd does, either.

-Even though Oregon barely got by Cal , I give them props. I’d be shocked if they’re not in the BCS National Championship game. But the real reason I give them respect is because they’re the only program with the guts to play Boise St. in a home/away series the last two seasons. Of course Boise State beat the Ducks 19-8 on the Smurf Turf last year, and Oregon lost to the Broncos at Autzen Stadium as well in 2008, even trailing 37-13 heading into the 4th quarter. Now those same Boise underclassmen that smoked Oregon twice in a row are seniors. I’d like Boise ’s chances if they played again.

-Meanwhile, Oregon still has to get past Arizona (and they will), and defeat Oregon State (a team Boise State also spanked earlier this year). And as much as I respect TCU, Boise State defeated them as well last January in the Fiesta Bowl 13-10. People can hate Boise all they want, but I’ll always trust my eyes and what actually happened on the field instead of some talking head’s arbitrary analysis.

-If Auburn can survive The Crimson Tide and South Carolina , they’ll face Oregon for all the marbles, and the silver lining could be the fact that TCU and Boise might be available to play the likes of LSU, Florida , Alabama , Ohio State or Nebraska . Let’s settle the damn argument on the field, once and for all.

-On paper, this Laker team is potentially one of the best ever. Ever. Back-to-back champs, and oh-by-the-way, they add Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. They’re so good they’ve even gotten used to playing without Andrew Bynum! Imagine what they’ll look like when they get him back????

-For the time being the Miami Heat, featuring what I call “The Tropical Trio” can only hope they get a chance to play the Lakers in the Finals. They have to survive the Eastern Conference first, and without a legitimate low post badass that can defend, and devoid of a true point guard, I think the Heat are in real trouble when it starts for real in April. They simply won’t match-up well when it matters most.

-How bout them Lions? …25 straight road losses. …4-21 in the Jim Schwartz era. But, they are 8-1 against the number this year, even though in three of their games they didn’t cover until the final 30 seconds. And, until the Cowboys’ beat-down at NY last Sunday, Dallas had been only 1-7 against the spread this season. Those two teams play each other this week, so something has to give.

-Is there a bigger load-in-the-shorts in all of professional sports than Randy Moss? Diminished skills, bad attitude, lousy work ethic, and a big mouth… other than that he’s a great guy! Left the Patriots and they got better, helped the Vikings to a sparkling 1-3 record while he was there, and caught 1 pass in his debut with Tennessee . Where does he end up next year?

-As far as the NFL season goes, in a year of Bad-beats, live-dogs and The Jenn Sterger Show (gives new meaning to the term ‘fly-pattern’), there is still a long way to go. The separation of power starts after Thanksgiving, and the old-saying, "They always remember what you did in December," will factor in again.

(c) 2010