It’s time to let the Broncos buck the system; you can’t spell ‘BCS’ without Boise State’s initials firmly entrenched
“We never really lost a game, we just ran out of time”
-Vince Lombardi

Aren’t you at least curious? Dateline; January 10, 2011, University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. The 2011 BCS National Championship game featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Boise State Broncos.

Why not? What, you’re afraid the Broncos would get blown out and you’d be bored? You mean, kind of like Ohio State did, when they lost in ’07 and ’08 to Florida and LSU respectively by a total of 41 points?

Or, like Oklahoma did by USC in ’05 when they got punk’d 55-19? Consider Nebraska’s fate when they got clowned on by Miami in ’02, 37-14. The great Frank Beamer and his Virginia Tech Hokies were squashed by Florida State in 2000, by a score of 46-29. And, lest we forget, just 9-months ago, Texas was manhandled by Alabama and lost by 16-points.

I know what you’re thinking… Programs like Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio State are football royalty, right? So it’s OK because their body of work speaks for itself. Guess what, so does Chris Petersen’s Broncos, and I am sick and tired of hearing that Boise State doesn’t deserve a shot at the Heavyweight Championship, even if they run the table.

That would be a real shame.

Boise State is now 52-4 over the last four years, and they made everybody’s preseason Top-5 list. They return all but one starter from a 14-0 squad from last year that was triumphant in the Fiesta Bowl, and oh by the way, that was their 8th straight bowl bid that included wins over Oregon State twice, and the aforementioned Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, they’ve got a Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback, a 1,000 yard rusher, with two other highly capable backs for depth, two 1,000 yard receivers, and one of the nations best O-lines that has contributed to an explosive offense that averages over 42.0 points per game!

And just for fun, they’ve got a smothering defense and solid special teams.

They’ll play anybody, anywhere, but so far very few will accept the challenge.

That’s why I’m worried. In the latest AP poll, only one voter cast a #1 ballot for Boise State, and that might matter in a few weeks when the mathematical rankings are released. There are other factors like a ton of confusing calculations that are not easy to explain, but if for some reason Boise State has not ranked #1 or #2 in December, we have a problem.

But the Bowl Championship Series is no stranger to controversy. The ultimate selection for the BCS National Championship game hasn’t always been clear-cut, particularly in 2003, when the AP Writers Poll, a key component in the process, selected the #3 ranked Oklahoma Sooners over #1 ranked USC to participate in the National Championship Game (at the Nokia Sugar Bowl) in spite of Oklahoma’s decisive loss to Kansas State in the 2003 Big 12 Championship game just days earlier.

Oklahoma ended up losing to LSU in the Sugar Bowl, but there was still yet more controversy. It was the only year since the inception of the BCS that the national championship was split, with LSU winning the BCS National Championship while USC won the AP national championship and the FWAA national championship.

For those who really think that Boise State is a pretender from a weak conference, take a page from last spring’s March Madness. The Butler Bulldogs came incredibly close to upsetting the Duke Blue Devils, and we were all collectively and individually happy to see this argument settled on the court, not in some closed meeting that arbitrarily decides that certain schools have no business hanging with the ‘Big boys.’

If Boise State gets to play, let’s say, Alabama next January for all the marbles, there can be no losers. If the Bronco’s prevail, you’ve got the best argument for a playoff that’s ever been prosecuted, and it was crafted on the field.

If it’s a close loss for the Broncos, then hats off to the Crimson Tide, and once again, the argument for a playoff is intact.

And even if, (which it wouldn’t be, no way) the contest was a blowout win for Alabama, one could still argue that there have been plenty of blowouts in the past that we’ve already chronicled, so that wouldn’t give us any definitive conclusion.

Do you really think Alabama is invincible? Just ask Utah… you get the picture.

We’re running out of time, at least for this season, so as long as they run the table, voters MUST give Boise State a #1 or #2 ranking so this thing can get settled on the field.

Until then, all we have is an argument.

Remember, you can’t ‘spell’ BCS without Boise State’s initials. Aren’t you at least curious?

(c) 2010